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NP9261, Camera Driver/Video problems

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  • NP9261, Camera Driver/Video problems

    Ok just a couple of questions/problems: First when i try to install the camera driver (I enable the camera by pressing FN+F10) the computer recognizes the device as unknown USB device. Then trying to install the software(from the CD and from the site) I get nothing.

    Second, Installed Vista Ultimate 32 and 64bit, installed the drivers(latest) and the vista hotfixes accordingly(im running two 8700m GT's) This system should have no problems running Hellgate: London and/or Crysis on high and very high settings. And yet i get a drastic framerate drop(crysis crashed at first until i installed a hotfix, then just horrid framerate) I've enabled SLI, set the NVIDIA 3D settings as they should be. But using DirectX 10 with Vista just seems incomprehensable at this point. So i've reverted back to XP and DX9 and of course its a monster. Is there anything im missing to be able to use this machines full potential with DX10 and Vista(64)? Or is it just too new? Guess i should wait for SP1 and DX10.1.

    Thanks for any help guys.

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    You could try to download SP1 RC(release candidate) now, it improves drastically Vista performance.
    About DX10, it`s still in its infant stages,so it is rather pointless at the moment. Even desktop high-end hardware has problems with it. DX9 and XP is the best choice for gaming.
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      Yeah I knew that to be the case already, I was just hoping there was something else i could that maybe someone else had thought of. Like i said ill try again when SP1 and DX10.1 comes out and see how that does. But for now i went back to XP and DX9, she screams too. I also ended up having to slipstream the raid drivers into a burned XP ISO, as my external A: drive isnt recognized when you need it the second time during XP install. Wierd. Anyways all is working and well. Thanks for the help.