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NP9262 LCD Pixel crawl/Inversion problem

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  • NP9262 LCD Pixel crawl/Inversion problem

    I have a pixel inversion issue and/or dithering issue.

    While it is normal for any lcd to show some degree of flicker on specific test screens I am noticing significant flicker even within games and on web sites.

    For instance:
    http://www.speedtest.net - the crosshatch shading on the map flickers.
    http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=113628 - the flickering on the background towards the left of the page makes it almost unreadable.

    My guess - the panel has pretty bad voltage calibration which is then compounded by dark color dithering (I suspect the dithering pattern is exactly matching the inversion pattern). I think this because it can be made significantly better or worse via contrast/brightness/gamma adjustments, which shouldn't have a big effect on inversion.

    Trouble is I hate problems like this that are somewhat subjective, so could you please double check those two sites on a similar machine (NP9262, WUXGA panel, single 8800M GTX, Q6700) and let me know if you see any noticeable flicker at all (try cranking the brightness using fn-F9 to max).

    I really don't believe this is a software issue, it is not the entire screen; it is very specific to particular cross-hatch patterns and has occurred on 3 different clean OS installs and 3 different driver versions (including the vista default - no driver).

    I am very susceptible to flicker - I still see 'rainbows' on a 2 speed dlp projector. However I have two other laptops and several other lcd screens here, none of which show this effect on normal web pages, only on specific test patterns. Having said that my wife doesn't really notice the effect on the 'bad' screen even though is very clear to me. So I don't know what the right approach is here, it is a very annoying problem for me, but possible that only a small percentage of the population will see it.

    I assume there isn't any manufacturer calibration software for this panel? I also assume that this isnít an issue with having the Q6700 perhaps drawing too much power and making the voltage to the display unstable?

    Thank you

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    Please contact technical support at 1-(800) 741-2219 (9AM - 5PM PST) OR 1-(877) 645-9312 (24/7 Domestic Tech Support)