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NP5793 Unexpected Shutdowns and BSOD's

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  • NP5793 Unexpected Shutdowns and BSOD's

    Okay... I received my 5793, ordered through XoticPC and shipped from Sager, yesterday.

    I unpacked, browsed quickly through the manuals and began exploring. On the first boot, the screen was black and said "Unexpected Shutdown, Initializing...". I thought this was odd, but figured maybe it was becasue they shut everything downs just prior to the final Windows setup so you can customize it.

    Later, I'm exploring the system and CD's that came with it and pop in the driver cd to look through the complete manual. While I'm there, I go ahead and check the driver installations. It seems that only half the drivers were installed. I had also noted that there was no application, that I could find, for the Robson, ReadyBoost, whatever.

    Since the manual says drivers have to be installed in a certain order (why is this?) and I didn't want to see what would happen if they weren't (even though I don't see why it would matter, but I guess that's why I don't build and selll laptops for a living), I inserted the Vista x64 disc and went for a clean install.

    After the install (that goes pretty damned fast, by the way), I installed all drivers in the correct order. Well, at least, I tried. When I attempt to install the Robson driver (last on the list), it says that the Robson is not present. Now, it was enabled in the BIOS before installing Vista x64, and it shows up in the device manager with the question mark symbol beside it. But the driver installation routine says it's not there. I downloaded and tried the driver from Sager's site, same problem. I also tried the Robson CD that shipped with the laptop, same problem.

    So, I browsed the driver cd, found the drivers and forced them to install. This made the device manager recognize the Robson, but there is still no application associated with it, such as ReadyBoost.

    After forcing the install, a blue screen appears and I have to go through the "Unexpected Shutdown, Initializing..." screen. After seeing that, i wonder if the Robson software or installation is not flawed from Sager and that's why I had that screen at my initial bootup after unpacking.

    Anyway... has anyone else had experience with this or have a solution? I wanted to try the forums first, as if I set up a call back from Sager, it will have to be setup for over a week away (unless they are pretty good about calling back the same day, I don't really know) and I want to get this solved now.

    Thanks for any help or advice.

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    Weird, but fixed

    Okay... I think the problem was solved on this install. I don't know what I did, nothing different. The driver disc that came with the laptop still says the Robson is not there or not turned on if I try to install drivers from it, but installing from the separate disc that came with it worked this time. The device manager shows it appropriately and the assiciated software is present in the start menu.

    Beats me, but it's better now. So far anyway.


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      Robson Memory can be turned on from BIOS. And it only works in Vista.
      Also, ReadyBoost is a feature of Vista that, when plugging in a flash drive or memory stick, will prompt the user if he want to use that drive as a ReadyBoost drive.
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        It was turned on, and it was turned on prior to Vista installation as instructed. Thanks for the information on ReadyBoost.

        It's working great right now, no problems at all.