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Ubuntu 64 & Vista 64 dual boot

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  • Ubuntu 64 & Vista 64 dual boot

    Anyone out there tried this yet?
    I will be ordering from Xotic PC soon and wanted a dual boot system.
    Wondered if anyone found any harsh problems with Ubuntu?

    Sometimes living on a boat is like living in a cave.

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    I'm not sure about Linux driver support. But I'm sure to be having this dual boot myself, very soon!


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      Kubuntu and dual boot

      Got the Sager NP9262. Heat is no issue as it runs cooler that the under-clocked Toshiba we were/are using.

      Although! The stock build had the main hard disk mounted under the battery (on top of it when right side up.) This space has a very limited air circulation. The main hard drive was hitting 50 degrees C on a regular basis in 23 to 26 degrees C ambient air. The maximum thermal operation for this drive is only 55 degrees C, so we ended up moving it to the main hard disk compartment that has lots of air circulation vents. The temps came down by 5 to 7 degrees C right away.

      The Kubuntu install was a snap, we are using the 32 bit OS because of driver issues. Found the newest nVidia drivers and got the screen and drivers working very well. The new fire fox install was relatively painless. Less of a driver problem getting this beast up than the Toshiba. Now we only have the sound (realteck) drivers to install now. LOL I have to go in and debug the make file for this driver as the manual install won't finish because of a wrong directory listing, welcome back to systems operations.

      All in all this install was a relatively painless process and now we have a rescue system for when windblows crashes, again. Or the waited for virus brings down the other 90 percent of the PC's out there.

      On another note Logitech does not support any version of linux. Bad Bad! Now I have to go out and hunt for third party drivers.
      Sometimes living on a boat is like living in a cave.