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Temperatures in 9262

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  • Temperatures in 9262

    I have a 9262, and I got it with the X6800 and 2 160HD's. I bought a 320gig HD, and moved the HD that SAger had placed under the battery to the center array and placed the 320gig under the battery.
    On one of the 160's I have windows, and on the other I have Kubuntu. Windows can not see the Kubuntu HD, which is fine, but whenever I run anything off of the windows HD, the temperatures on the HD's get up to 58-62*C and stay at that for a very long time. Even when I am not doing anything very heavy. I do have the majority of my stuff on the 320 which I'm using as storage, and am having no problems with it's temperatures.
    I looked up the specs on the HD's that I have and they are only designed to work up to 60*C, so should I be worrying if both of them are reporting temperatures 60+*C for easily hours at a time?

    Also, I have problems with my CPU overheating. I was playing a free MMORPG and the temperatures were being reported up to 65*C. The CPU is only designed to run at 60.4*C. I had the fans at full, and a foot of clearance underneath the laptop (I have balanced it in my lap). I had called Intel about this, and they just told me that since I was using a utility, they could not say anything for sure (since apparently [3 different all reporting temperatures within 2-3*C f each other...] utilities can not access the bios temperature readings by themselves...), and that I would have to go to the bios and look there. The problem is that by the time the laptop shutsdown and reboots, the CPU temperature drops at least 5 or 8 *C, placing it underneath the thermal specs.

    So I'm concerned about my CPU melting itself because its running at 60.4+*C for hours at a time, and then I'm concerned with my HD's giving out on me. (Thankfully I've backed up what I need already just in case.)

    And I don't want to talk to Sager about this until I am absolutley sure that I have a reason for concern.

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    Did you have any overheating problems before adding the 320 HD?
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      I had problems with the CPU before I added the 320HD.
      But the 2nd 160HD isn't doing anything. The computer does not recognize it at all, so there is no reason for it to be being used, all the temperature is coming from the window's HD.


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        first of all, those cpu are able to handle more heat. cpu and gpu are up to 70celsius.

        i do have a hdd under the batterie as well and it works. are you sure its a sata 2,5' drive!?

        usually the laptop stop working and turn off bevore overheating! so everything runs fine, just the 3rd hdd not????

        sounds like a hdd problem, not like a heat problem.....


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          Originally posted by danny_christ View Post
          first of all, those cpu are able to handle more heat. cpu and gpu are up to 70celsius.

          i do have a hdd under the batterie as well and it works. are you sure its a sata 2,5' drive!?

          usually the laptop stop working and turn off bevore overheating! so everything runs fine, just the 3rd hdd not????

          sounds like a hdd problem, not like a heat problem.....
          Problem is that the two HD's that are overheating are the ones that CAME with the laptop. So unless I was given defective HD's, they're not to blame.
          The two HD's that came with it are in the compartment underneath the touch pad, and only one is running at a time due to how I have it set up.
          When I just had 2 HD's, one in the touchpad spot and the one under the battery (which was a pain to exchange with the new HD...........) neither overheated. So it's the fact that they are together and even though the computer is designed to be able to support two HD's running in tandem, with just one working, it still manages to over heat.
          And yes, they are all 2.5" SATA II HD's... Nothing else would fit into those spots.
          The GPU I'm not worried about (though it has reached high 70's before while playing a game). And as for the CPU, according to Intel it is supposed to run at no higher than 60.4*C, and yet it does. The only time that it has ever shut itself down, was when I had left it on a couch for about 30 minutes while running Crysis in the background. I glanced over at the utilities when I realized that it was beeping due to overheating and saw temps 75+*C on the CPU.

          Also, it is a 65nm CPU, not a 45nm. The 45nm can withstand higher temperatures than their 65nm predecessors.


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            so the cpu is not overheating.
            your 2 hdd under the touchpad... and how do you see that? just a programm giving you the temp or do you have any other prob with those 2 hdds, like one doesnt wprk or is brocken....?


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              SpeedFan, SiSoftware, and PC Wizard 2008.

              All three of which are highly regarded and accurate.

              And, no, the CPU is overheating. Look here: http://processorfinder.intel.com/det...px?sSpec=SL9S5
              Thermal Specification: 60.4*C
              Which is what is being measured. And if I am receiving temperatures above that, it means its overheating. Ask Intel if you don't believe me.


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                That seems a little warm.

                Overheating laptops is something I know about...... Melted one down and semi cooked another in the tropics.

                Now did you make absolutely sure that you did not leave anything in the laptop when you moved your original drive and installed the new one.

                First is the computer on a flat surface, not carpet or a bedspread?
                Is(are) the fan(s) intake blocked?

                Is it hot where you are using the computer?
                Some laptops have a maximum ambient temperature of operations around 30 to 35 C.

                I would check your CPU clock speed and voltages.
                No overclocking you do not have enough air moving around in there.

                If I were you I would consider getting a real good laptop cooler, something that pushes a lot of air up into your overheated laptop case.

                This is the first complaint about overheating a 9262 I've read about.
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                  The only other time I have heard of overheating was when the individual's laptop was sitting on a thick carpet. I have yet to hear an overheating issue under normal conditions besides yours. I would take a look inside again to make sure everything is in place like Cad said. If this problem continues try contacting tech support.
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                    Originally posted by Mazeura View Post
                    I had the fans at full, and a foot of clearance underneath the laptop (I have balanced it in my lap).
                    Please read the first post before you post, thank you.

                    I have done NO overclocking on this laptop [1) because it is retarded to do it in a laptop normally as it is and 2) because I'm getting overly hot temperatures as it is.]
                    I have not messed with anything concerning the CPU's voltages and speed.

                    I should not have to get a laptop cooler for a laptop that was designed to use this processor and still be within the CPU's temperatures specifications. It is not my fault that the computer is overheating by itself. Not to mention these fans are ridiculous just by themselves. I can feel the hot air coming from the laptop (when it is on a flat, plastic foldable table) about 3 feet away. These fans are the laptop cooler, especially when they are running at full.

                    I always make sure that whenever I mess with any computer (laptop or desktop) that I do not leave any foreign material inside of it. I will check in the near future, but I am 95% certain that nothing is lose in the laptop.

                    But as far as I am concerned, the HD's are not the biggest priority right now. Because I have backed everything up, so even if I lost those drives, I would still have everything.
                    The CPU however, shouldn't be like that. Unless (and I doubt this) the heatsink was improperly installed on the laptop by the manufacturer (which wouldn't be the first thing that they screwed up while building this laptop [i.e. they put a password on my window's root admin. Found that out while I was installing the last of my programs onto the laptop. When I asked Sager about it, they said that they had no idea how that happened, and the only thing I could do was to reinstall Windows. Thanks Sager, thanks a lot. So I ended up reinstall Windows and the drivers, and then re-found out that my webcam is non-functional. The Driver CD says that the object is not connected. ITS RIGHT ON TOP OF THE MONITOR.....]), but I had gone through and made sure that everything was fastened tightly down, and everything on the CPU and GPU was unmovable for me.

                    Ambient Temperatures are regularly around 63*C as well.


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                      Absoutly Bizar


                      I don't know what to say. It does sound like a major problem (I would be frantic.) If you have had the core at those temps for as long as you have owned the unit then it does sound like a bad install from the get go. Could even be as you said; the core cooler is not installed properly. It can happen. I found a couple of forums where some people had to reinstall the heat sinks because of faulty factory installs, just not in this forum.

                      Hard drives will spin up and stay in 'ready' mode even if not recognized by the OS. However! They should not be accessed or 'worked,' they should show heat ranges in normal idling temps.

                      Call support and get the problem logged.

                      Sorry for all the bad advice.
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                      Sometimes living on a boat is like living in a cave.


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                        It's ok, I'm just really annoyed by this, and I'm getting really frustrated with Sager's Customer/Tech Support.


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                          sounds like you did some s.... to the poor laptop.

                          reinstall windows

                          what problems do you have. looks like everything is working (you can play games, so gpu, cpu and hd is ok), just some software tells you, its too hot...
                          Last edited by danny_christ; 05-05-2008, 10:38 AM.


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                            Reinstall Windows for the third time? No thanks. I don't have the time to re-install all of my programs right now.
                            And I can feel that heat coming from it.
                            And its not just one program that's telling me this. I've ran three different programs to make sure that it wasn't error on part of that one program.
                            So unless the CPU, ACPI, HD's, and GPU believe that they are running at a different temperature than what the motherboard is reading from them...

                            Anyways, I'm talking to Sager about this, and we'll see what happens.


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                              if i dont understand, how should sager!?

                              listen, my np9262 produces a lot of heat, coming out of the fans on the back and on the botton, i can feel it above f1 and f2, and on my touchpad.

                              and even above f1 and f2 , with the gpu under, it gets so hot its hard to touch it. but still, it will shot down, when its to hot!

                              so you should cool down and enjoy you laptop with a high end cpu and gup.