Ok right now the main problem is my fan. After my computer messed up and shutdown (I was watching a video and trying to turn the sound up and my screen went blank, I couldn't get it to turn back on even though the computer seemed to be running so I had to turn it off. This has happened a couple times when it went to sleep and I couldn't turn it back on) now my fan seems to be constantly running, where before it wasn't. Even after shutting it down for a few hours it's still constantly running. I've messed with fn+1 and fn+3 but when I turn that off it just goes keeps running at a medium speed (faster than 3 slower than 1)

I just bought my system last week, so I assume the new fan firmware is already installed, correct? Any other tips on why the system shutsdown/can't be woken up is appreciated. Thanks

well I was tweaking windows and did a bunch of things, then i restarted and my fan seems to being working normally