I recently purchased a barebones FORCE 3298 v2. It has been simply amazing the past few weeks and has been the best laptop I have used so far.

The problem I have just only recently came up. I went to boot up the laptop after work and the blue power LED would light up for a few seconds, then shut off - no fans would span and the screen would not come on. I attempted again (with battery only, with AC adapter only, with both), but had no luck. Due to the recent heat-wave in New York (where I currently am), I figured it might be overheating and applied a bit of Arctic Silver 5 in place of the OEM thermal paste. After this, the machine booted up fine (even was able to watch a movie).

The next day, I went to power my laptop on again after work and i hit the same problem: the power LED would light up for a few seconds and then shut off. I attempted a few more times (with battery only, with AC adapter only, with both), but no luck again. I opened the case to check all of the parts and they all seemingly were perfectly fine.

This brings me to my current situation: I called up XoticPC and they are almost set to do a warranty/RMA to send me a replacement. An idea I had, though, was that the AC adapter was busted or such (although the light on the AC Adapter does turn on) - basically, that that battery is low/dead and the AC adapter is busted and not providing enough power, thus the laptop doesn't have enough power to boot. The other idea I have of what is going wrong is that the motherboard or power converter is busted.

Just curious if anyone else has ever had a problem like this or if anyone has any possible ideas/solutions before I ship it back for a repair/replacement.

Thanks for any help!